Holli Sills 


Accomplished Senior Writer, Editor, and Destination Specialist with over 10 years of experience in dynamic content creation and editorial management, specializing in the food and drink sector. Proficient in crafting engaging narratives and service-oriented features that resonate with diverse audiences, particularly within the vibrant Portland food scene. Demonstrated ability in leading the development and execution of targeted digital content, significantly boosting brand awareness and web traffic. Adept at aligning content with audience interests to enhance reader engagement and satisfaction, backed by a strong track record in SEO optimization and adapting strategies to the evolving digital media landscape. Experienced in managing editorial calendars and overseeing content development processes, ensuring a seamless and impactful content flow.


Data Collection: Google Analytics · Adobe Analytics · HubSpot · Tableua
Content Creation: Canva · Google Slides · Microsoft PowerPoint · SEO Writing
Content Management: WordPress · Digital Publishing · Black Board · Canvas · Litmos
Content Development: Editing · Copy Editing · Technical Writing · Proof Reading
Digital Marketing: Email Campaigns · Content Strategy · Brand Storytelling
SEO Optimization: SEM Rush· Google Keyword Planner
Soft Skills: Strategic Planning · Goal Setting · Problem Solving · Time Management

TheTravel, Evergreen List Writer          
Mar 2024 – Present

  • Develop and curate engaging and informative evergreen lists on a wide range of topics, including travel destinations, cultural experiences, and educational resources.
  • Utilize SEO best practices to optimize evergreen lists for search engine visibility and audience engagement.
  • Collaborate with subject matter experts and stakeholders to ensure accuracy and relevance of content in evergreen lists.
  • Research industry trends and audience preferences to create evergreen lists that resonate with target demographics.
  • Regularly update and refresh evergreen lists to maintain relevance and appeal to readers over time.
  • Monitor performance metrics and user feedback to iterate and improve evergreen list content for maximum impact.
  • Coordinate with design and marketing teams to promote evergreen lists across various platforms and channels.
  • Stay updated on content marketing strategies and digital publishing trends to ensure evergreen lists remain effective and competitive.
  • Contribute to content strategy discussions and brainstorming sessions to generate new ideas and concepts for evergreen list creation.

Noirbnb, Destination Specialist and Senior Editor           Jan 2017 – Present

  • Author and digitally publish engaging content on travel, food, and lifestyle, boosting reader engagement and content interaction by 35% and web traffic by 40%.
  • Collaborate with the Travel + Leisure Partnership team to orchestrate targeted email campaigns, social media and online content, and blog posts, resulting in a 40% increase in website traffic.
  • Conduct in-depth interviews with travel industry experts and representatives for feature articles, enhancing content depth and audience appeal.
  • Edit and copy-edit content for clarity, consistency, tone, audience relevance, and engagement, applying strong AP style knowledge and proofreading skills, resulting in a 50% increase in reader engagement and a 25% expansion of the audience.
  • Utilize SEO optimization with Google Keyword Planner and SEMrush, achieving a 30% uptick in bookings and sales.

Cybershield Security, Account Manager and Editor           Dec 2019 – Jan 2024

  • Manage client relationships and product strategies in cybersecurity.
  • Drive product sales and awareness, achieving a 20% uplift in product revenue.
  • Utilize SEMrush and SEO best practices to achieve a 20% improvement in website SEO ranking, 30% rise in organic traffic, and a 45% boost in key performance indicators.
  • Craft SEO-optimized cybersecurity content, increasing blog traffic by 30% and a 20% rise in content reach and client engagement.
  • Increased revenue by 30% through content strategy, analytics, and market analysis in cybersecurity product development, enhancing reader engagement, traffic, and sales conversions

Noirbnb, Travel Representative                   Jan 2016 – Jan 2017

  • Efficiently arranged travel bookings and personalized itineraries.
  • Collaborated in a team to produce compelling travel content, aiding in brainstorming ideas for new articles and updates, which contributed to a 25% boost in website traffic.
  • Contributed to the editing and proofreading process for all outgoing content, maintaining high-quality standards and reducing revision needs by 20%.
  • Supported the editorial team in managing the content calendar, ensuring a consistent publication schedule that led to a 30% rise in regular readership.
  • Utilized various content management systems (CMS) including WordPress, facilitating a 15% increase in web content output, directly impacting online engagement and visitor retention.
  • Established and nurtured professional relationships with clients and industry stakeholders, fostering a network of contacts that enhanced travel itinerary offerings and client satisfaction.

GCS Recruitment and Content Manager            Aug 2012 – Jan 2016

  • Crafted informative articles and reports that bolstered the district's online presence, leading to a 30% increase in website traffic and attracting over 1,000 inquiries from potential teacher candidates.
  • Efficiently managed tight deadlines in content creation and strategy implementation, ensuring timely publication while maintaining high-quality standards, contributing to a consistent increase in web engagement.
  • Implemented SEO strategies and analytics to optimize online and social media content, enhancing digital news visibility and increasing engagement with the district's digital platforms.
  • Stayed up-to-date with best practices in content writing, educational policy, and communication trends to continuously improve the quality and relevance of the district's content.
  • Engaged in networking and relationship-building activities with educational professionals to source content and insights for recruitment strategies.
  • Leveraged strong communication skills for teamwork in streamlining content strategy coordination, including fact-checking achieving a 20% increase in reader engagement and reducing content turnaround time by 15%.

NC A&T State University, Writer and Editor          Sept 2010-Aug 2012

  • Mastered storytelling techniques to connect with a diverse multicultural audience, resulting in a 50% increase in reader engagement across various demographics.
  • Led a content development initiative that expanded audience reach by 40% in multicultural markets.
  • Authored and edited high-quality news releases and feature articles, resulting in a 25% increase in media coverage and brand visibility.
  • Developed an SEO-focused content strategy for traditional mediums, improving content visibility and reader engagement by 30% in non-digital spaces.

NC A&T State University, Research Assistant        Aug 2007 – Sept 2010

  • Conducted comprehensive literature reviews and synthesized research findings to support the development of diverse research proposals and methodologies.
  • Collaborated with a diverse team of academics and industry professionals on research projects, fostering an interdisciplinary approach and expanding professional networks
  • Vetted research data and literature to ensure accuracy and compliance with ethical standards.

NC A&T State University, Section Editor                  Aug 2004 – Sept 2006

  • Utilized data and analytics to guide content decisions, leading to a 30% increase in reader engagement for pitched topics.
  • Expanded food coverage by introducing innovative content angles, resulting in a 40% growth in the food section readership.
  • Initiated cross-departmental collaborations for multimedia food content with cafeteria, enhancing audience reach by 25%.
  • Successfully pitched and wrote 10+ short-form commerce articles per week, focusing on lifestyle and wellness.
  • Assigned and edited 4+ articles daily, enhancing the quality of content in beauty, fashion, celebrity, and wellness categories.

NC A&T State University, Contributing Writer      Dec 2003 – August 2004

  • Maintained impeccable journalistic standards, resulting in a 40% increase in reader trust and engagement.
  • Achieved a 95% accuracy rate in content through rigorous attention to detail and fact-checking.
  • Ensured timely publication of relevant content, contributing to a 25% increase in real-time traffic during peak news periods.
  • Conducted ongoing research to stay ahead of evolving audience interests, leading to a 35% increase in audience engagement in the food news category.
  • Collaborated closely with the news director and news editor, resulting in a 20% increase in content alignment and quality.

University of South Florida (Rosen College of Hospitality) South Florida, FL
Graduate Certificate of Hospitality and Destination Management 2012

North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University, Greensboro, NC
B.A., English (Technical Writing) 2007
M.S., Counseling 2010

Professional Certification in Hospitality and Tourism Management
Professional Certification in Destination Management

ASTA American Association of Travel Advisors
GBTA Global Business Travel Association
NABJ National Association of Black Journalists
ASJA American Society of Journalists and Authors